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April 14, 2015

The BOE forecasting model revealed

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So the big news at the time of writing (9 pm NY time) is an FT story wherein a Greek official says that this time, they are serious about defaulting if the Eurozone doesn’t show them the money.


It’s been what, a good six weeks since the last farce in three acts featuring Greece and the Eurozone; Aristophanes would no doubt be proud.  While this apparently never-ending pas a deux is of course beyond tiresome, given the recent uber-surge in European assets, it’s probably worth taking at least some note.

Indeed, after a number of months of stumbling to get out of their own way, peripheral equities have finally joined the party that the Dax has been enjoying for some time now.   However, when they start handing out “forecaster of the year” awards to Buzz Lightyear when Greece starts to rear its ugly head, and May is just a few weeks away….well discretion would appear to be the better part of valour.

While the euro looks understandably putrid, Macro Man is actually getting more interested in sterling as a potential short candidate.   To be sure, cable has already collapsed from the heady heights of 1.70 in less than a year, and it’s difficult to see another 25 big figure decline over the next 12 months.

That having been said, monetary policy is nonexistent, and even commentary from Carney’s Bank of England seems to derive from a magic 8-ball.

At the same time, it seems rather more likely than not that Mr. Bean Ed Miliband will be the next prime minister, thanks to gerrymandering and a coalition with the SNP.  Things could still change, of course, but it looks to be a very close-run thing, and the uncertainty hardly looks bullish for the currency.   Macro Man isn’t pulling the trigger yet, but if we get a pop in cable back towards 1.50 over the next week or so, it will be hard not to.  Hey, even Mark Carney agrees!

August 8, 2011

Weekend Fun: The Ultimate Market Forecasting Software

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It’s time for some weekend fun. Today I bring you a screenshot of the most “advanced” market forecasting tool. I suspect it is actively used by many “experts”   © 2011 FX Trading Blog – | Article Source | Post tags: funny pictures, gurus, software

© 2011 FX Trading Blog – |
Article Source | Post tags: funny pictures, gurus, software

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